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Easily producing a cast mold by using our 2-component liquid silicone. Due to the special composition it is possible to cast even the most detailed forms.

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Mix the casting silicone in a 50/50 ratio and stir for 30 seconds to form a smooth substance. Pour the silicone over the object that you want to copy (make sure that the object is placed within  a liquid containing wall). Let it set for 6 minutes.

Using our Modeling Plastic or casting resin, you can easily make a cast.

Technical data:
Contant: 500 ml
Mixing ratio: 1 part A 1 Part B
Mixing time: 30 seconds, until you have a smooth substance
Processing time: 6 min
Setting time: 30 min.
Elongation: 230%
Hardness: 18 shore
Mixed color: Blue

Fast curing and a solid / flexible mold.
Because the silicone is liquid, you can cast even the finest details.
You can reuse the mold time after time

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