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Arda Wigs Jaguar

The Arda Wigs Jaguar has short layers with long bangs on the side. The bangs are long and hit the tip your nose.

The Arda Wigs Jaguar has no skin-top, and the hairs are about 15 cm long. You can tease the wig, give it spikes or leave it as it is.

All colors are heat resistant.

The images on the left are there to give you a general idea of the model of this Arda Wigs model. Select a colour in the menu below to see the Arda Wigs Jaguar in your preferred colour.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Arda Wigs stands for high quality, realism and easy to style.

Arda Wigs are made of high quality fibers and every Arda Wigs contains many wefts which gives every Arda Wig a voluminous look and feel.

The high quality fibers used in the Arda Wigs also prevent that flash photos will not produce a blinding, unrealistic shine. This helps you with getting the best pictures of your creative project.

The many wefts in the Arda Wigs also covers up your own hair color really well.

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Apple Red, Baby Pink, Black, Dark Green, Light Grey, Midnight Blue, Silver, Spanish Brown

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