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ResaCast is a crystal clear casting resin for making gemstones, accessories and costume details.

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Mix the ResaCast resin together with the entire contents of the enclosed bottle harder.
Stir the two components thoroughly in order to activate the curing process.
After about 20-30 minutes the resin is solidified

Casting mold:
Use a silicone, polyethylene or latex mold rubber mold.

There may arise a thin sticky layer after casting.
This can be easily removed with acetone.
Sanding and polishing is possible for an extremely smooth surfaces.

– Pour the resin into the mold, so you avoid unnecessary air bubbles.

ATTENTION! The packaging resin and hardener are exactly aligned. For best results, we recommend mixing no smaller quantities than 250 gr. Mixing smaller amounts may lead to an incorrect mixing ratio which will affect the curing process.

Contains: 250 gr.

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